Monday, April 1 - 7:00 – 9:00 pm

Class Limit: 20 students

Cost: $20.00

(Pay your instructor at the time of the evening class)

Location: Dining Room

Photographing rugs to look right can be tricky. But armed with the right tools you can use your smartphone to take quality pictures that are fit to submit to "Celebration Magazine" (yes, I have done it). We will address how to avoid the common mistakes when we photograph rugs and how to avoid them. We will learn terms like 'keyhole', depth of field lighting and more. We will learn to use our phone to help with value as you hook.We will also discuss creating your rug portfolio. This is a great way to be able to display all of your rugs on your coffee table. It will also act as a record of your hard work in the sad event that they are lost or stolen.

Wednesday - 7:00 – 9:00 pm

Class Limit: 25 students

Cost: $25.00

(Pay your instructor at the time of the evening class)

Location: Dining Room

Come join me in making scented hanging sachets. They're fun and easy to construct and make wonderful gifts and decorations. (They also help keep bugs away so I use mine where I store my wool.) The class will include safety guidelines, demonstrations of needle felting and embroidery stitches, and a step-by-step written tutorial that will allow students to follow along with the instructor. The students will learn how to needle felt onto a flat surface using a foam rubber pad and felting needle. Students will make their own handle using wet-felted wool beads and glass beads (please see photo). The instructor will explain how to make wet-felted wool beads. Hand sewing the edge will allow students to leave with a finished sachet. Other finishing techniques will be discussed. The finished design is 4 x 4 inches. Some students will have time to finish more than one owl. The kit costs $25 and contains a barbed felting needle, foam rubber pad, wool, roving to complete several birds, reusable templates, choice of porourri (lavender or my special bug repellent), and hand-made, wet-felted wool beads and glass beads to make the handles. These birds can be embellished to your heart's content. You can dress them up, embroider, appliqué, add sayings, stick branches, or other embellishments to make your bird unique.

Tuesday, April 2 - 7:00 – 9:00 pm

Class Limit: 15 students

Cost: $35.00

(Pay your instructor at the time of the evening class)

Location: Dining Room

Nancy will be teaching a small antique floral design in primitive style. Students may purchase wool to complete the piece with or without background, or bring their own. We will be using your choice of cuts between 6 and 8,5. The pattern cost is $35.00 and is printed on Cushing's white linen. Nancy will be showing several examples of primitive rugs and will discuss the benefits of using textures, as is, and overdyed woolens. Students are asked to bring hooking supplies, including frame, scissors, hook and cutters.

Barb Powell "Using Your Smartphone to Photograph Your Rugs"
Nancy Quigley  "Hook an Antique Floral Primitive Design”
Gail Becker "Create Scented Hanging Owl / Bird Sachets”